Industry Review

Get feedback from your peers on your engineering competency

The Industry Review is all about getting feedback from your peers on your engineering competency and is the next step after completion of your self assessment.

View our how-to video on the Industry Review

    Using the Industry Review for development?

    Even if all your Self Assessment ratings were “Developing”.  Create your Industry Review and then prepare evidence statements based on your current ratings.  Submit to your Reviewers for their comments.  Return often to the Industry Review to update your Self Assessment ratings and Evidence statements as you develop your competency – submit again to your Reviewers.  You do not have to submit all at once for review, but can pick and choose.  All your own ratings and the ratings of your Reviewers need to be at Functional or above to move to the next step of applying for Chartered.  There is no time limit on completing your Industry Review.

    Using the Industry Review for your Chartered application?

    Complete the Industry Review with all your own ratings and those of your Reviewers as Functional or above for all competencies. Ensure you have access to the evidence described in your Evidence statements.  Hit the Apply Now button and complete your enrolment, and then get ready for your Evidence discussion with us.

    What do I do?

    1. Complete a Self Assessment for all Areas of Practice you are considering for Chartered
    2. Create an Industry Review login at the end of the Self Assessment
    3. Select my employer from the list so they can track & assist with my development/application
    4. Follow the Instructions within the Industry Review to create and assign my Reviewers, prepare Evidence statements for all Chartered Competencies and submit for Review.

      We encourage you to keep in regular contact with your industry Reviewers - to give them a courtesy heads up that a Review is coming their way, to discuss results and your evidence statements or to follow up if a response has not been received to your requests. 
    5. Once Industry Review is completed, if eligible, continue to Enrol and then provide your Chartered Evidence