Engineers Australia's Graduate Program

Transforming engineering graduates into proactive professionals and future leaders.

About the program

University study equips young engineers with the necessary technical skills to begin their career.

Engineers Australia’s Graduate Program is designed to complement these skills.

Delivered by our training organisation, Engineering Education Australia, this 18-month program has been carefully developed to give graduates a professional head start, strengthening core business skills and values that will transform them into future engineering leaders.


Who should enrol?

Engineers Australia’s Graduate Program is suitable for recent graduates and engineers with up to two years' work experience and are currently employed.


Now delivered online

Responding to travel and training restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the program is delivered as a completely online learning experience, allowing graduates to continue their professional development from any location. 
It is delivered through a mix of flexible online education practices, including experiential and social learning, interactive webinars, virtual workshops, engaging materials with coaching and support.  
The program has three delivery options: 

  1. Public program: if you have a few graduate engineers and want them to network with peers from other organisations. 

  1. Private corporate program: if you have many graduate engineers and need an exclusive program that incorporates your organisation's policies and procedures. 

  1. Integrated program: if you have an existing organisation program, this is a flexible option that allows you to integrate Graduate Program components and other Engineering Education Australia courses into your own graduate program. 

The program is flexible and you can customise the content and delivery modes to meet your business needs and complement your other learning programs. 

Features and benefits

A program that transforms engineering graduates into confident professionals who can contribute to business objectives.

Goals aligned to yours

  • Customised skills development goals aligned to your business objectives and the needs of your graduates

Best-practice education 

  • Learning that blends experiential and evidence-based methodologies with on-the-job skills development 

Toward Chartered status

  • Provides a framework and the underpinning skills required to pursue Chartered status. 

Skills for success

  • Soft skills and professional skills to propel engineering careers. 


Graduates — an investment for the future and your business

Employing graduates enables you to engage fresh talent, empowering your organisation with new ideas and the energy of emerging talent. Engineers Australia’s Graduate Program is tailored for graduates to better equip them for everyday challenges they will face in their career. Continue your graduate’s training to ensure maximum ROI on your investment.

Learn more about Engineers Australia’s Graduate Program.


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