A modern, mobile approach to finding technical and non-technical engineering courses to earn CPD hours.  

myCPD is an innovative solution to finding continuing professional development (CPD) for the modern engineer. Access courses on any device you choose, track your CPD hours earned from the courses and drive your career progress from the comfort of your mobile phone. 

About myCPD

Engineers Australia created myCPD to facilitate the needs of Australian engineering professionals working in a fast-paced, global marketplace.  

As an online training tool, myCPD will change the way you progress your skills and development by allowing you to learn and earn CPD hours wherever you choose. 

Offering technical and non-technical courses, myCPD provides access to knowledge with unprecedented versatility. Your phone or tablet becomes a powerful learning tool to utilise wherever you choose. 

myCPD offers a variety of programs for all types of engineers, from student to Chartered. It also serves those with unique needs, such as migrants seeking knowledge that will help them build their career in Australia and engineering executives who require the latest management and leadership techniques. 

Tracking myCPD hours

myCPD features a tracking app that you can use to record and log the CPD hours earned from its courses. The moment you complete a course, open the app and log your hours. You can record face-to-face CPD activity and keep track of all progress via the app’s streamlined, intuitive dashboard. 

Important information about mandatory CPD reporting  

If you need to record your CPD hours for Chartered or Registration purposes, you will need to login to your Engineers Australia account and add the hours earned from myCPD to your official online record.  

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