Technical engineering

Practical, up-to-date knowledge and skills for all types of engineers.

Technical engineering for engineers

At the core of any engineer’s skill set lies the technical expertise necessary to understand and solve problems with speed and precision. And it's often those who have continued their training and education, who are best placed to overcome the challenges faced in the planning and design stages, as well as on-site.

In a connected, global marketplace learning never stops. With the help of Engineers Australia, it doesn't need to slow down, either. We connect you to the knowledge and training you need to take you to the top of your field.

Courses for the engineering team

The Technical Engineering courses offered by Engineering Education Australia are taught by your industry’s experts and leaders. Covering a variety of subjects relevant to the current needs of your profession, they will become an invaluable component of your career plan.

Our courses will keep you up-to-date with the essential processes, requirements and safety regulations used in your occupation. You can integrate knowledge from sectors you plan to work in and prepare yourself for future industry changes, all while maintaining your Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Flexible study options

As a busy professional, learning on your terms and in a way that suits your schedule is a necessity. That’s why we've built a system tailored to working engineers. You can choose to attend classes in-person, study online or utilise our in-house corporate training.

Whether you've had a large gap between studies, or you're a recent graduate looking to gain more knowledge, we'll help you progress your career.

Enhance your engineering knowledge

Are you ready to increase your knowledge and hone your skills with specialised learning packages for professional engineers? Visit Engineering Education Australia to browse courses and get started today.

Technical engineering for business owners

Engineering Education Australia enhances the internal capability of your business through superlative, specialised technical engineering courses. With in-house programs customised to the needs of your organisation, we provide the clearest path for your employees to gain the skills your company needs to maximise success.

Our programs bring your team into position to meet the needs of capability frameworks while providing an engaging team-building experience. The value gained through increasing the capacity of your engineering team adds value to all you work with, empowering your business’s value proposition to clients.

Customise an in-house training program with engineering experts. Visit Engineering Education Australia to learn more.