National Committee of Applied Mechanics

Applied mechanics is used across a wide range of fields including fluids, solids and fracture mechanics. It also includes mechanics of materials and structures, tribology acoustics, rock mechanics, machine condition monitoring, design and applications.

The National Committee of Applied Mechanics (NCAM) is part of the Mechanical College Board. It exists to promote and advance the science and practice of applied mechanics, particularly in relation to:

  • noise and vibration
  • robotics
  • machine condition monitoring
  • tribology
  • machine design and applications
  • fracture mechanics
  • materials behaviour and fabrication technology.

The committee is run by elected representatives. Current members are:

  • Raj Das MIEAust – Chair
  • Anna Paradowska MIEAust – Deputy Chair
  • Andrew Chan FIEAust CPEng EngExec NER
  • Gholamreza Kefayati MIEAust
Australian Congress on Applied Mechanics

The Australian Congress on Applied Mechanics (ACAM) is held every two to three years. It’s a forum for practitioners of the various fields of applied mechanics to meet and present developments and learn the latest in other fields.

To learn see proceedings and event materials from past ACAM events visit our learning and events page.

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