Engineers Australia's Graduate Program March 2021

Shaping engineering graduates into proactive professionals and future leaders. Enrolments now open for March 2021.
Engineers Australia's Graduate Program

Engineers Australia’s Graduate Program is designed for organisations that are ready to invest in their graduate workforce and shape them into efficient and effective engineering professionals. 

Our program will give your graduates the many skills they need to thrive as engineers while showing them how to continue developing these skills independently into the future. It will give them a greater understanding of the impact of their work and decisions on others. 

Designed in consultation with engineering organisations, this engaging and flexible 18-month program helps new engineers develop the skills to achieve business results. Content within the program aligns to the underpinning knowledge engineers need to start their journey towards Chartered status. 

Our program is an excellent way to attract and retain your graduate workforce. 

Who should attend? 

The program has been designed for graduate engineers with up to two years' work experience, who are currently employed. Graduates or their employers can enquire about enrolments. 

Delivery Options 

Responding to travel and training restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the program is delivered as a completely online learning experience, allowing graduates to continue their professional development from any location. 

It is delivered through a mix of flexible online education practices, including experiential and social learning, interactive webinars, virtual workshops, engaging materials with coaching and support.  

The program has three delivery options:

  1. Public program: if you have a few graduate engineers and want them to network with peers from other organisations.
  2. Private corporate program: if you have many graduate engineers and need an exclusive program that incorporates your organisation's policies and procedures.
  3. Integrated program: if you have an existing organisation program, this is a flexible option that allows you to integrate Graduate Program components and other Engineering Education Australia courses into your own graduate program.
The program is flexible and you can customise the content and delivery modes to meet your business needs and complement your other learning programs. 

Program outline 

Personal Empowerment 

This module lays the foundations for professional and personal growth. Participants are equipped with the skills to take personal responsibility for the planning and development of their own careers. They go on to develop self-awareness in order to regulate their emotions and improve interpersonal skills. 

  • Communication 
  • Self-management 

  • Emotional intelligence 

  • Resilience

Project Management 
This module focuses on the skills and processes required to plan and execute successful projects that deliver desired business outcomes. Practical skills to leverage stakeholder relationships and manage projects are developed through a range of learning activities. 
  • The project management lifecycle 
  • Problem-solving 

  • Stakeholder engagement 

  • Risk management 

Professional Skills 
This module builds leadership and professional capabilities to drive innovation and respond to a rapidly changing environment. It will challenge their ability to think critically and work collaboratively. A focus is placed on sustaining success throughout their careers and pursuing goals such as Chartered status. 
  • Leadership 
  • Innovation 

  • Teamwork 

  • Critical thinking 

16 / 03 / 2021 - 09:00 am
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05 / 03 / 2021 05:00 pm
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