Ethical Practice micro-credential

12.00pm — 4.00pm , 07 February 2023
Online Workshop


An Engineers Australia micro-credential

Micro-credentials are a demonstration of a specific competency or skill. They’re a tick of approval that says you do what you say you can do to an industry standard.

About the Ethical Practice micro-credential

Engineers make decisions that have significant consequences for humans - in safety, in technology and in creating a sustainable future. You need to balance priorities, stakeholder needs and ethical considerations. Making decisions and managing the consequences affects your practice, your team, your organisation and your project.

The Ethical Practice micro-credential  proves your ability to deal with ethical issues to the same level as Engineers Australia’s Chartered status (element 1). It demonstrates your ability to apply ethical principles in an engineering context, including:

  • understanding the consequences of your actions
  • identifying potential ethical issues
  • applying ethical frameworks
  • acting appropriately when faced with ethical decisions

The pathway to gaining this micro-credential starts by building your capabilities fist through learning and application:

Learning pathway details

The Learning pathway helps you understand how to develop these skills to obtain the Ethical Practice micro-credential. Completed 100% online, it includes:

  • a high-quality online course
    o Self-paced learning: four hours
    o Live workshop: 7 February 2023, 12:00pm – 4:00pm AEDT
  •  an advisory session with an education specialist
  • an online platform to lodge your submission
  • assessment of your submission by our qualified assessors
  • a digital badge upon successful completion

You’ll develop your ability to understand and articulate ethics in practice as an engineer. And you'll learn how to:

  • recognise unethical situations
  • understand ethical decision-making practices, and apply them to the situation
  •  engage in reflecting on ethical practices

Learning outcomes

  • Have knowledge of and ability to articulate your own ethical perspective
  • Recognise an unethical situation and take appropriate action
  • Apply ethical decision-making
  • Appraise and respond appropriately to ethical dilemmas in your practice area
  • Engage in ethical reflective practices

Is this micro-credential for you?

This micro-credential suits engineers at all career stages. It allows you to showcase your ability to understand and apply ethical principles, in line with Engineers Australia’s Code of Ethics.
For those who have existing skills and knowledge, and are seeking recognition, take a look at the Advisory and Assessment pathways of the Ethical Practice micro-credential.

Engineers Australia’s micro-credentials are delivered through our training provider, Engineering Education Australia.


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